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People not wearing masks forced to do PRESS-UPS

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This is old now but still good – 

Authorities on Koh Tao Island in southern Thailand have been punishing people caught without mask by making them do push ups or jumping jacks.

Koh Thao’s Deputy District Chief and Mr. Kobchai Saowalak, Subdistrict headman, together with policemen and local officers, set up a COVID-19 checkpoint at the junction near Koh Tao pier.

They found that some people (tourists and Thai) were not wearing masks when venturing outside.

The authorities then stressed to the people the importance of Masks.

The Koh Tao authorities also penalized the people without masks by ordering to do 20 push ups and 20 jumping jacks.

This form of punishment astonished those watching.

Many people in the area said they approved because it was mild and amusing, Thai media reported


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