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Pattaya Tunnel Poser set to be charged

Pattaya Tunnel Poser set to be charged

Pattaya police are now hot onto the heels of the latest “yobbo” who thought it would be a good idea to park up for a pose in the new underpass.
The police announced the plan to track down the driver of a red sports car who parked to pose for pictures in the newly opened Pattaya tunnel.

The culprit obviously did not see the apparant dangers of pulling such a stunt, as he was happy to post them all over his social media accounts.

The stunt caused a great amount of angry comments online amongst internet citizens after photos went viral showing the red sports car parked in the middle of the tunnel.

Many comments spoke about the danger of the stunt and some called it disgraceful. I’m pretty sure there are worse crimes going on in and around Pattaya, but hey, each to their own I suppose.

Pattaya station chief Apichai Krobpetch said that he was aware of the incident and that the car’s licence plate is clearly visible in the picture

And that his officers would be tracking down the driver of the car to prosecute them for their actions.

Source: Love Pattaya

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