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Pattaya transwoman steals from Bahraini tourist’s purse

Pattaya transwoman steals from Bahraini tourist's purse

A Bahraini man who had been the victim of a Thai transwoman pickpocket in Pattaya sought assistance at the Mueang Pattaya Police Station, leaving him 10,000 Baht lighter.

At one in the morning on September 28th, the foreign victim, 55-year-old Hasan Almuqahwi, reported the event to Thai police. He claimed that as he was on a baht bus in Soi Bua Khao, a Thai woman and a transwoman approached him. The woman approached him while the two seated down on either side of him.

He spoke with the woman till he arrived at his destination. The transwoman reached into his trouser pocket as he exited the bus, took his wallet, and fled with it. He attempted to apprehend the transwoman after noticing the pickpocketing. However, the two were able to exit the vehicle and flee from him.
Almuqahwi chased after them, but the two cunning criminals were able to escape his hands and flee the scene. He disclosed that he had 60 Bahraini dinars, or around 5,000 baht, in his wallet in addition to 7,000 Baht in cash.
Police officer Akkarapong Saenputawong took note of Almuqahwi’s complaint and later used the security footage on Soi Buakhao to identify the two pickpockets.

This episode adds to a pattern of ladyboys or transwomen robbing tourists in popular tourist regions of Thailand. The main targets of these illicit activities appear to be foreigners, particularly Indian nationals.

Two Indian males reported separate thefts of their gold necklaces by Thai transwomen to Mueang Pattaya Police Station in May. Although the two victims were victims of the transgender thieves on the same night, they were strangers to one another.

When transwomen hugged them to get their attention and let a buddy to steal their necklaces, they had comparable experiences.



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