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Pattaya policeman attacked by gang as payback for drugs bust

Pattaya policeman attacked by gang as payback for drugs bust

A Pattaya policeman was enjoying a romantic night out with his girlfriend, when he was ambushed by a gang outside a local Pattaya pub.

The incident took place outside the popular Thai nightspot, D.N.A and CCTV images caught officer Natthawut Khruathongkhiaw being approached by a gang of 4 Thai males before being attacked. Footage shows him being punched as he prepared to leave on his motorcycle. Hr then tried to drive off but fell off his motorbike and was then kicked in the face by the attackers.

Natthawut had been enjoying a night out with his girlfriend when he was approached inside the club by a man who asked:

“Are you the guy who arrested my friend?”

Nothing happened inside, and the victim assumed everyone was ok, until he stepped outside to find the gang waiting for him.

Back-up was called and arrived just in time to make the arrest of Jakraphan (Geng) Manothirakun. The other 3 members of the gang, including Nathapong (Ton) Namsunthorn, managed to escape but police are hot on their tails and expect to make the arrests in the very near future.

The victim of the attack was questioned regarding the incident and it was confirmed that the gang who attacked him were in fact the same guys who he had previously arrested at Soi Mom Luang Cheun Jai on April 3rd involving drugs offences.

The officer believed he had spotted a suspicious substance on a couple of banknotes in possession of the gang. Arrests were made and the gang were taken for urine tests, which turned out to be negative.

The victim firmly believes the attack was in retaliation to the earlier arrests.

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