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Pattaya Trained Boxer Ashley Lowe Wins His First Fight: Now’s He’s Got The Taste And Looking For More Action!

Ashley Lowe Wins First Fight – Now He’s Looking to Step Up!

By: Marc Gingell

Carlisle to Pattaya!

Most people in Carlisle, located in the north of England just before Scotland, have never heard of Pattaya and the same probably applies to most people in Pattaya.

Carlisle does have some stunning countryside which, if you can handle cold weather, makes it a great place to live. Pattaya, with it’s more weather friendly climate if you’re into heat, is also a  fantastic place to live.

Ashley Lowe

Twenty-one year old Ashley Lowe has been a regular visitor to Pattaya for a few years now with his Uncle Clive Douglas who’s a 7th Dan in judo. That ‘Judo Connection’ lead them to View Dee Apartments, located on Pattaya’s Dark Side, and the biggest name that British Judo has ever known. Three times Olympian, and one- time Pre-Olympian Brian Jacks. Jacks has lived in Pattaya for 17 years.

Pattaya One. View Dee Apartments located on Pattaya’s Dark Side.

In the twilight of his career Jacks took British and European Superstars competitions to new levels smashing records, and his competition, out of sight.

Pattaya One. Uncle Clive, Aaron, and Brian Jacks.

Tree Roots Retreat

Tree Roots Retreat is located in Rayong and it’s the next part of the Lowe jigsaw with Tree Roots owner Aaron Le Boutillier. Le Boutillier, who runs a successful security company in Bangkok, has been around the Thailand scene for quite a few years and he’s written a great book called ‘And Then One Morning’ about the December 26, 2004 tsunami.

Pattaya One. Tree Roots Retreat.

Lowe trained at Tree Roots with Le Boutillier where there’s a fully equipped gym, boxing ring, yoga fly and modern martial arts/movement dojo, cross-fit space, Tai Chi and yoga garden area.

Pattaya One. Ashley Lowe and Aaron Le Boutillier at Tree Tops Retreat. It’s early days.

16th March 2019

Back in Carlisle Lowe had his first fight at the Milton Hilltop Hotel Leisure Club against Nathan Doyle. A charity event in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Support. Lowe won with a decision.

Pattaya One. Ashley Lowe in Blue. First fight.

What’s Next For Lowe?

He will be back in Pattaya in a couple of weeks for some more warm weather training and plotting how he can progress up his boxing ladder.

Le Boutillier had this to say:

“He certainly has a lot of drive and character so let’s see what he does from here.”

If anyone has any comments or questions about this article, or can offer any kind of assistance to help Lowe on his boxing journey, please use the links below.










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