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Pattaya nightlife famous throughout the world

The nightlife in the city is famous throughout the world, and a large part of this reputation is thanks to the go go bars. In fact, there are more go go bars in Pattaya than in any other city in Thailand.

If you are wondering what a go go bar is, it usually refers to a beer bar with music, which has go go dancers or scantily clad girls, who dance erotically against a steel pole.

The go go bars in Pattaya are similar to those in other parts of the world as far as the dancing goes.

In addition, some have sex shows or Jacuzzis where you can watch girls bathe each other.

The general atmosphere in most of the Pattaya go go bars is not sleazy and different from what you might expect from a striptease joint back home.

Instead, it is lively and fun, and everything that goes on inside Pattaya gogo bars has the sole purpose of titillating customers enough to make them buy drinks for the girls, or pay the bar fine to take the girls to a more private place.

Some have classy interiors with excellent sound and lights.

There are also some Pattaya go go bars that cater exclusively to gay and lesbian tourists.

The way things work in these bars are very similar.

The girls (or boys) dance sexily on stage while the audience watches from their seats.

The performers have numbers on their clothes or bodies, so that they are easily identifiable when you want to ask them to join you for a drink.

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