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Parents tape their baby to the floor while working from home

Parents tape

Two parents jokingly taped their baby girl to the floor so he could work from home in peace during the coronavirus quarantine. 

Isaac Chong was pictured using his laptop while the toddler, named Lalynn, was laid on the floor with a white pillow behind her head and clear tape holding her down.

Mother, Khun Nam, did the stunt at their home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on April 1, while they were dealing with being stuck at home in the Covid-19 lockdown.

Pictures of the bizarre idea were posted online where they were shared widely, leading to confusion about what the family were doing.

However, Khun Nam said their daughter was only briefly taped down and it was only her satirical take on working from home during Covid-19.

She said she first showed the picture to her friends who understood how hard it is in a small apartment all day with a baby around and having to work.

The mother said: “Her father needed to focus on his work while I cooked for our dinner and our girl was playing with the tape so I came up with the funny idea.

“I taped her down lightly before taking the photos and she cooperated. She broke away easily from the tap after the photos were taken.

”Some people were worried about her but she was never in discomfort. It was just for fun, we are both good parents.”

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