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PANDEMIC KINDNESS – Come rain or shine they have fed the less able for over 50 days – CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL

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For well over 50 days now the Night Wish Group have given out over 56,000 meals, 5700 children packs and over 700 dry food packs.

Speaking to Bryan Flowers the owner of the NWG, he told me that it has been an amazing journey, not an easy one but amazing. He gave thanks to all his staff, managers and other volunteers that have been out every day in the blistering heat and rain.

Many of the staff are up very early to start cooking and preparing so everything is set for the 1 pm handout.

I have been to Nature bar in Soi 6 a few times to take photos and watch how things are going and it is amazing how organised things are.

As Pattaya has been closed for over 2 months now, more and more people have run out of money and with no means to buy food, they are just left to starve.

Thanks to the food handouts across Pattaya, this has kept people fed and alive. However, more and more food handouts have dried up and there have been fewer places to go for food. Bryan and his team have kept going by donations and also using their own money.

It costs around 20,000 baht a day maximum to do 1200 meals, this includes water, handouts for the children that come along, some fruit, sometimes eggs and always a meal.

However, with all this said, we do have another star to say a special thanks to. This is Bryan’s Father Keith that decided one day that he would pop to the local 7/11 and buy some treats for the children, as they were missing out. This turned into over 5100 goodie bags that Keith bought and packed himself, just so the children also have something to take away.

Talking to Keith he said that it he was paying for the children packs from his own pocket at first, however as time past people had started donating toward the cost so he was able to buy more. Keith fills up his car (the Beast) every day at Macro so the ladies can start cooking and preparing the food.

More recently The NWG have been slammed for their work, as some NWG banners can be seen in the background of photos, however, should this really make a difference when a company have helped the less able in Pattaya for nearly 2 months now. For the people that have been fed and kept alive by the work the NWG have done I doubt that they are bothered by banners being in the background either.

All this said.. Pattaya One would like to say a huge thank you to Bryan and all his team for all they have done to help people.

Just before we go, we would also like to say thank you to Jie Jie Bar Soi Chaiyaboon – The owner Tik is well known for helping people in Soi Chaiyaboon. They were handing food out around 2-3 times a week for a while.

You can follow Bryan and his team by clicking the links below:

Night Wish Group Website here

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Donation page here

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