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Pakistanis arrested with fake Thai ID Cards

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The Immigration Police in Pattani Province has arrested Pakistanis with fake Thai ID Cards. Sami 24 years old from Pakistan was arrested for using a Fake Thai ID Card along with other charges including entering the Kingdom illegally and working without a work permit. Immigration officials received information about a foreigner selling clothes and other goods. The same foreigner has also been asking villagers to buy electronics such as smartphones. The anonymous source of information also stated that this foreigner had a Thai ID Card that was fake. Pattani Officials started an investigation and collected evidence on the case. 

Credit: Immigration Police

The Mae Lan District was contacted for the citizen database information at the General Register Office in the Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA). The Pakistani has been using a Thai ID card under the name of Asmi Lateh. Officials went to Taloh Village in Yaring District and found the man collecting money from villagers. Police revealed themselves before asking to see identity documents. The man showed police a Thai ID Card with the name Asmi Lateh. The ID number came up in the DOPA database as canceled due to identity theft. The owner had filed a report to cancel the card. The suspect admitted that he had entered Thailand illegally and has been living here for over a year. 

After Sami was arrested officials received information about a man named Ikram also from Pakistan. Ikram is the brother of Sami who was also using a fake ID Card. Ikram was arrested under the same charges as Sami including the violation of the Thai Identification Card Act, B.E. 2526, and the Thai Criminal Code Section 267 stating “Section 267. Lying to Government Official. Whoever causes an official in the execution of their duty to make any false entry in the public or official document for the aims to be used as evidence, shall be imprisoned not more of 3 years or fined not more of 6,000 Baht, or both”. Officials also found Ameenoh, a woman who is the Guarantor for Ikram’s ID Card application. Pattani Immigration Officials are continuing the investigation to find more foreigners using Thai ID Cards and related persons. 

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Credit: Immigration Police
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