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Only double-jabbed, negative passengers can fly in Thailand

With Thailand slowly reopening to tourists, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has reiterated that airlines will only take passengers who are either fully vaccinated or can produce negative test results taken within 72 hours.

Each airline has also been instructed to adjust their ventilation system and strictly observe all Covid-19 prevention measures, Public Health Ministry official Dr Chawetsan Namwat said

Tourism Council of Thailand collaborates with Is

Where on digital marketing platform open for all Thai businesses.

Travel Recovery Platform

The Tourism Council of Thailand (“TCT”) President Chamnan Srisawat recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Singapore based IsWhere for use of IsWhere’s digital marketing platform for all its members to easily reach both domestic and international travelers and speed up travel recovery.

The Thai Government has announced the reopening of certain provinces to tourism over the next quarter and although there is a huge pent-up desire to travel, travelers are wary of committing to a destination not knowing how safe the Covid-19 situation is, and what services are open and available upon arrival.

IsWhere digital marketing platform allows all Government Authorities, travel merchants and any other retail merchants to register their locations completely FREE informing tourists of the updated COVID safety situation in their shops and that they are open for business.

The updated COVID and travel information on the IsWhere platform will provide comfort to potential travelers and increase the likelihood of them booking and traveling to Thai destinations.

TCT President Srisawat stated “This COVID-19 crisis has affected all business groups across the country.

Tourism is a vital economic sector for Thailand and a speedy recovery is imperative to help members and the local community recover quickly.

TCT recognizes the importance of enhancing the capacity of the holistic tourism industry under the Travel Recovery Project and by partnering with IsWhere digital marketing platform technology, TCT members can instantly promote their services.

Members can make their own marketing content and invite customers to visit their shop via online”. President Srisawat is encouraging all TCT members to sign up and register for free on and start promoting their business.

IsWhere will not charge members for GP fees or OTA commissions from sales revenue, “No GP, No OTA” he exclaimed.

Phuket Tourism a member of TCT, which reopened under the Government Sandbox scheme on 1st July, is seeing a steady climb in inbound numbers and the Association is encouraging all its members to now register on platform and begin marketing promotions for the upcoming high season to increase advance online bookings.

Likewise, TCT member – Thai Medical and Wellness Tourism Association, who’s members shops have been particularly severely hit by the COVID-19 business closure, are informing all its members about IsWhere digital marketing platform and President K. Prapa Wongphet stated “better online promotion of medical and wellness tourism services and COVID-19 safety measures offered by our members facilities will give confidence for travelers to stay longer and enjoy Thai hospitality as well as receiving medical treatments for health or beauty.”

Registration on the digital marketing platform is FREE for all Tourism Council members, who are also eligible for a special fifty percent discounts in October, on digital promotions using IsWhere platform.

Merchants from all travel and retail sectors – hotel, restaurants, Spa, wellness & medical, shopping etc., can run and manage their own unlimited online digital campaigns and advertise special deals and services for tourists from as low as Baht 1,500 per month per location, significantly lower than normal pay per click online ads and the high percentage OTA’s fees charged for bookings.

IsWhere has formed relationships with Huawei to reach its 600 million digital customers across the globe, and consumer digital marketing channels in Singapore and Taiwan where Thailand is a favorite travel destination search.

Huawei also provides IsWhere multi-lingual capability, technology, and connectivity enhancements for international travelers.

Terence Mak, CEO/Founder of IsWhere said “Thailand is a global top tourist destination with lots to see and do for both foreign and local travelers.

IsWhere is the only platform where Thai people across the country can find information and promotions for all types of businesses such as hotels, restaurants, food and beverage outlets, shopping, Health spa and massage shops and tourist attractions plus more than 42,000 Thai Buddhist temples across the country – including making online donations.

The TCT deal is very timely as Thailand reopens and competes with many other countries to capture cautious travelers.

IsWhere platform will allow travel merchants to digitally advertise and connect to both local and global travelers letting them know all is open, safe, and welcoming them to “rediscover Thailand’s beautiful destinations again”.


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