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Officials in Pattaya sign an agreement for a new homeless welfare program.

Officials in Pattaya are continuing their efforts to address the homelessness problems in the city.

In their most recent action, Pattaya officials signed an agreement with Laem Chabang Municipality officials yesterday to create an efficient welfare system for the area’s beggars and homeless people.

Officials from Pattaya claim that a survey done in 2019 found that there were roughly 2,721 homeless people living in Thailand. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a huge rise in the number of homeless persons, who now number between 3,500 and 4,000.Officials from Laem Chabang Municipality and Pattaya authorities joined together to take prompt action after realizing the urgent necessity to address this problem.

They formally signed an MOU yesterday to work together on creating and implementing a successful welfare program for begging and homeless people.This collaborative effort’s main goals are to guarantee that these helpless people have access to crucial healthcare treatments, enhance their social dignity, and promote favorable public attitudes about them.

Research will be done to pinpoint the actual number of homeless people in the Chon Buri region in order to get the process started. The results of this study will be utilized to develop activities and plans aimed at improving the standard of living for beggars and the homeless. Officials from Laem Chabang Municipality and Pattaya are moving closer to solving the urgent problem of homelessness by cooperating and sharing resources. It is believed that through working together, positive change would be made, building a more compassionate neighborhood for all Pattaya inhabitants and those beyond.

In order to enhance social welfare management, caregiving, and rehabilitation, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security launched cooperation programs with 29 municipalities last year. However, despite the MOU that was signed at that time, Pattaya’s homelessness status has not changed significantly. Will the new MOU finally have an effect on Pattaya’s difficult homelessness problems? Hopefully it does.

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