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Rain causes Pattaya Floods again but New Tunnel Passes with Flying Colours

More rain meant more flooding in Pattaya but the new tunnel managed to stay problem free

Many people have been waiting for the day when a downpour in Pattaya would cause chaos to the new underpass, turning it into some sort of man made river. So it was a pleasant surprise to everyone yesterday when many places across Pattaya suffered mini floods, including Sukhumvit Road, yet the new underpass remained problem free.

Workers on the underpass simply carried on as normal, as mayhem was being caused by the rain in other parts of Pattaya nearby.

The wost affected areas were the Sukhumvit Road/South Pattaya area, where water levels rose to around 1/2 a meter in some parts causing traffic to come to a standstill.

Other areas that were affected included Beach Road and Second Road respectively.

One Mitsubishi car got stuck on the central reservation when the driver tried to cross the road to the less flooded other side not realizing that there was a raised portion under the floodwaters.

It doesn’t take much to cause floods in Pattaya these days with the heavy rain lasting approximately 1 hour, from around 3pm until 4pm, yet it was still more than an enough to cause a few problems for the locals.

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