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New Digital Driver’s license for Thailand in 2019.

Peerapol Thawornsupcharoen from the Department of Land transport reported on 15th of December 2018 that there will be a new digital system used by the department as a development to fit the new lifestyle of the digital era. Where all types of Thai drivings license will come in the digital form.

The digital driver’s license will allow all information of the driver to be accessible through the special application that connects with the database. Where you can display your driver’s license directly from your phone in the case of inspection by police officials. The application will notify you of new updates on your personal license such as a warning if the license is near expiration date. This technology will help eliminate the issue of forgetting your driver’s license at home resulting in a huge fine if caught by the officials.


It is expected that the digital driver’s license will be ready to use before February of 2019. Police officers will be able to check the legitimacy of your driver’s license by simply scanning your QR code displayed from your application, then your information will be displayed automatically on the officer’s phone. Where all types of drivers licenses will be supported by the application.

The database will allow a collection of information on every individual that holds a drivers license in Thailand to the police officials. For example, the system will allow you to check whether you have any tickets in your system and in any case of road accidents the application will allow the officials and the emergency team to know your exact location. This will allow for the fastest rescue along with storing all your medical history and information into the database for the hospital to be able to perform medical help when you arrive right away. This includes important information such as allergies, blood type, and insurances.

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