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NCPO finalises aid package for digital TV broadcasters

DIGITAL TV broadcasters will get a maximum three-year debt moratorium and a state fee subsidy as part of the government’s aid package.


The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on Wednesday issued an order under Article 44 of the charter to grant the aid package to broadcasters who meet the government’s conditions.

According to TakornTanyasit, secretary-general of National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission, the package would help ease the financial burden of digital TV broadcasters.

The private sector, however, will have to pay interest on the amount owed to the government during the three-year period.

In addition, broadcasters will get a 50-per-cent subsidy on the MUX or land network expenses for two years effective from May 23 onwards.

As of on Wednesday, a total of 20 digital TV broadcasters had submitted their applications to the NBTC to qualify for the aid package, which could be suspended if licensees violate the terms and conditions.

Originally, the NBTC had granted a total of 24 digital TV licences.

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