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Mum Has Shot Man Who Tried To Steal Her Car With Kids Inside

A mum in Texas shot a man trying to steal her car with her two young children inside, according to police.

The unnamed woman left her children, aged two and four, inside her SUV as she ran inside a Shell petrol station just after 10pm on Wednesday.

As she returned a man jumped inside her vehicle and made attempts to drive away. The mother managed to jump into the back seat.

he woman told CBS DFW that she tried to get the man, who has been identified as Rickey Wright, to stop but he refused.

She then opened her glove box, pulled out a gun, and shot Wright in the head, according to police.

The mother said: “I should have just have emptied the whole clip but I didn’t. I didn’t. I just wanted to give him a warning shot, that was it.

“I’m not a killer or anything like that, but I do believe in defending what’s mine.”

According to CBS DFW, the mother said she had just put the gun in the SUV just hours earlier after her husband helped her with reloading.

She explained: “I told him that I needed some bullets for my gun and he told me that he was going to go get it.”

Wright crashed into a lamppost and was taken to the local hospital. It has been reported that he is in a serious but stable condition this morning.

As he recovers the mother wanted to pass on this message: “I wish I would’ve killed you, if I didn’t already.”

The carjacker has been charged with two counts of unlawful restraint and unauthorised use of a motor vehicle.

It is believed that the woman was questioned at the scene and police released her.

None of the children or the mum were injured during the shooting or the crash.

Not long ago Michael McIntyre was carjacked with his son in the vehicle at the time in the UK.

The comedian was forced by a knife-wielding thief to hand over his £15,000 ($20,114) Rolex watch in a London moped attack.


SENT UNDER EMBARGO – NO USE BEFORE 17.00BST The scene after Michael McIntyre’s Range Rover was attacked by a hammer wielding moped gang. See National News story NNCOMIC; Michael McIntyre and his wife are not worried for their family’s safety after the comedian was robbed masked moped gang. The popular comic was sat in his Range Rover when he was attacked by two men on a moped who smashed his window with hammers, police said, as he sat outside a school. Kitty McIntyre left their £5.7m north London mansion at 8.20am on Tuesday morning and drove their eldest son Lucas, 13, to school. She returned to their six bedroom home in Hampstead, north London, and parked their silver-grey Range Rover sport courtesy car in the driveway.

And Katie Price was also victim to a carjacking when her family were left traumatised in April while they holidayed in South Africa.

The former glamour model had her cash, laptops and other personal belongings stolen by a group of ‘opportunist robbers’.

Price was reportedly in South Africa filming for documentary show My Crazy Life. According to police, the family had to stop at the side the road to relieve themselves – which was when the attack took place.

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