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Ladyboys in Thailand demand government aid


A ladyboy performer has told the Thai press that their community is suffering greatly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They called on the government to help ladyboys as they have no money and can’t support their families.

The comments came as it was revealed that around 100 exotic performers at the Simon Cabaret in Phuket were laid off.

The show in Kathu district announced last month that they were closing temporarily with no reopening date in sight.

An unnamed performer spoke to Daily News after “farewell” songs familiar with the ladyboy community were posted on Tik Tok.

They said it was a very sad situation and the dancers were trying to support one another and they are unable to provide money for their families.

And so they think the tax-payer of Thailand should give them money.

Everybody was suffering in the ladyboy performing community, not just in Phuket.

Their colleagues in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and other tourist places in Thailand were in dire straits too.

Their role was just one part of the overall tourism picture and others were suffering too, but the dancers are calling on the government and relevant authorities to recognise their contribution and recognise their plight.

They said that they had limited opportunities for employment and needed help in these dark Covid-19 times.

The 500 Simon Cabaret first opened in 1991 and is a well known tourist attraction on the island in the south of Thailand. – Daily

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