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Moto2 Driver Disqualified After Grabbing Rival’s Brake At 140mph

Moto2 Driver Disqualified

Moto2 Driver Disqualified

When someone tells you to ‘take a break’ they very much mean break not brake. Something Moto 2 driver, Romano Fenati didn’t realise when he reached over and grabbed a rivals brake lever during a race.

There’s many ways to cheat in sport. In all sports there’s some forms of cheating that are pretty much prohibited in the fact that you don’t automatically get disqualified from doing them.

In football a foul is illegal but it’s allowed because you don’t always even get a yellow card for them and they have to be really severe in order to get sent off. So it’s basically cheating that you’re allowed to get away with.

Some types of cheating are more dangerous than others, a two footed challenge, being drugged up or reaching over to a rival’s bike and grabbing their brake lever at 140 miles per hour.

It’s fair to say that the last example is pretty rare and rather specific but it happened today in the Moto 2 race that preceded San Marino’s MotoGP.

The rider in question was Romano Fenati and on the straight he reached over to Stefano Manzi as the pair jostled and grabbed Manzi’s brake in one of the most bizarre and dangerous moments going:

The pair were racing for 12th place as well so Fenati essentially put his rivals life in danger all to make sure he was 12th, not that doing it for first would have made it any better.

Former MotoGP rider Colin Edwards, now commentating on BT Sport, said: “This is unbelievable. Are you kidding me? That’s where you tell him, ‘go pack your bag and we’ll see you next year’. That’s ridiculous”.

In a ‘fun’ twist Fenati will be riding for MV Agusta next year which is run by Forward, the team that Manzi races for.

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