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Mother threatens to hang own child on live video

Mother threatens to hang own child on live video

The Thai woman, aged 28 year old, from Bangkok, filmed herself threatening to hang her one-year-old son last week after her husband didn’t pick up her calls and refused to come home from work to take her out to run errands as they had planned.

In a video that she sent to her husband, Naruemon Jampasert, 28, picked up her baby and tied a rope around his neck. She said:  “You see, Joe. You care about other people a lot. This is your kid, yeah? And this is a rope. Here!”

She then tugged the rope and threw the poor boy onto a mattress as he screamed.

“Look at him. He’s not dead. I’m not making him dead yet. I’ll take him somewhere to kill him if you don’t come back for him today. I’m stressed out. You don’t answer my calls!”

She sent the video to her husband Jakrit Saisupan, 32, in the morning who had reportedly told her he had to cover his friend’s shift and couldn’t come home to take her out shopping.

After that, Jakrit sent the video to his mother, who posted it on Facebook as a plea for help. The viral video caused the police to intervene and rushed to her apartment in Chalong Krung Soi 32, Lat Krabang District.

Naruemon answered the door and was taken to the police station for questioning.

“I called my husband 40-50 times, and he didn’t pick up the phone,” she said in a press conference later that day.

“You’re not me. You don’t know how stressed out I am…He didn’t pick up the phone. He didn’t talk to me,” she said.

Speaking to reporters, Naruemon said that her husband had been ignoring her, and she feared that he was seeing another woman. In addition, her online clothing shop had not been doing well, Manager reported.

Naruemon broke down in tears as she said she didn’t intend to hurt her baby.

“I was hurting. I wasn’t thinking. At first, I even thought about killing myself, honestly. My husband didn’t care about his kid and wife at all. I only did this to upset him I didn’t live-stream the video. I just sent it to him,” she said in tears.

“Then I fell asleep and I woke up to see the video on Facebook. I was shocked that it became a big deal.”

Responding to the reporter’s questions, Naruemon defended her actions, saying she was still holding the baby when pulling the rope.

“I know that the video seems depressing, but my son always screams like this when he doesn’t get what he wants,” she said.

But didn’t she think she might have actually killed her baby? She admitted: “Yes, I thought about it, but if he died, I would have died with him. I didn’t want to live anymore.”

After a two-hour-long interrogation, the police dismissed the incident as a “family disagreement,” and her husband did not take legal action against his wife, Khaosod reported.

Police also made a point that there would be no one to care for the child if the mother went to prison.

Social Worker Preecha Choklab said he would visit the family’s home and assist them with what they needed.

As Naruemon did not intend to hurt her baby, she gets to keep her one-year-old son.

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