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Mother leaves baby in temple, yells at monk

Mother leaves baby

A mother attempted to leave her baby at a temple but was locked inside. She didn’t like being caught and proceeded to yell at a monk.

The mother claims that she wanted to go home but had no money and decided to give away her child to the temple. This is not the first time the woman has tried to throw away a child, in 2018 she was on the news for leaving her child.

Facebook user Suthi Tachsuwarn posted a video on 15 February 2020 showing the woman carrying a baby into Wat Lakorn Tham Temple in Bangkok Noi District, Bangkok. When someone in the temple realized what she was up to, the person decided to lock the entrance, driving the mother into a heated rage. She started yelling at other people in the temple, including calling a monk down.

The woman started shaking the gate while yelling and spitting. She was extremely unhappy after her act was caught on camera and confronted by people in the temple. When told that they were going to tell the police about what she was doing the mother stated that she didn’t care. No matter what others said, the woman insisted that the baby was not going back with her. She wanted to go home and had no money so to get rid of problems she wanted to throw away her baby at the temple.

Another video showed that the temple let her out and she was carrying the baby. When the baby was crying she slapped and hit the baby’s mouth along. She was also screaming directly at the baby, this is where the video ended. A netizen commented that she had known the woman since they were in school together and claims that the woman is not well.

In September 2019 the same woman went to the Wat Nok Temple in Charansanitwong 13 with her baby boy who was 7 months old at the time. She tried asking strangers for money but no one wanted to give her any. This made her furious before throwing her child onto the hot concrete ground in the sun. Amarin TV interviewed her in the first incident to which she claimed that she was not taking her medication.

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