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Mother and Daughter sells drugs together

Mother and Daughter

A mother and daughter were arrested by the Kalasin Police for selling Yaba.

Their main reasoning for their illegal activities is to find the money for the daughter’s child, a 3-year-old boy. Somjet Tengmongkol the Kalasin City District Chief ordered Punpuem Porntraisak from the Deputy District Chief and other officials to arrest Sang 54 years old and Tarnthip 25 years old.

The mother and daughter were arrested at their home in the City of Kalasin with evidence including 13 Yaba pills and 280 THB cash that was used in the sting operation.

Officials received information that teenagers and adults were getting their yaba supply from a home in Kalasin City. People were walking in and out of the house all day.

Officials planned a sting operation to catch the drug sellers in action. One of their detectives walked into the home and found Sang. He asked if she had any yaba pills.

Sang walked behind the house and brought out some Yaba pills before handing them to the detective. Officials surrounded the house and came out after they saw the evidence.

Sang had 4 yaba pills on her with 280 THB in cash from the sting operation. While they were arresting Sang another woman came into the house with a 3-year-old child.

This was Sang’s daughter Tarnthip and her son. The daughter was acting suspiciously so the officials searched her and found 6 yaba pills hidden in her clothes.

Both of the suspects admitted in tears that they previously worked at a factory in Bangkok. Tarnthip’s father died so they moved back home to Kalasin.

They were left without a job and had a 3-year-old boy to take care of.

The boy’s father was not in the picture. Sang was the one who started to get involved in the drug selling business then Tarthip followed shortly.

They would deliver the drugs to customers and often times the customers would just come to pick up the drugs themselves from inside the house.

The current price of the Yaba pills is 70 THB per pill. The money is used to take care of the young boy. Both of the suspects have been sent in for prosecution while the boy is currently in the care of a relative.





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