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Mother alerts police after lottery winner son becomes a drug addict

Mother alerts police

Mother alerts police after lottery winner son becomes a drug addict

The police were notified by the mother of a lottery winner who turned into a drug addict. The mother has had enough after he continues to destroy items in the house.

The once a very lucky man won the grand prize in the Thai Government Lottery with winnings of 6 Million THB, today he is left with less than 200K THB after a short period of false happiness fueled by friends, alcohol, and drugs.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Prayong Janchin from Kukan Police Station in Sisaket Province received a report from Kom 56 years old the mother of Chainarong 32 years old. Kom reported to the police that her son is acting crazy from Yaba pills.

He has totally destroyed all the goods in the house and was attempting to burn the house down. Thankfully the villagers in the area and her relatives have stopped the fires before they had the chance to spread throughout the house.

Officials went to Kom’s house right away to make sure that she was safe. When the officials arrived they heard Chainarong yelling inside the house and he wouldnt stop.

The police got hold of the suspect before they searched the house and found 2 plastic bags, each bag had 10 Yaba pills coming to a total of 20 Yaba pills. The first bag was found inside the pocket of a green hoodie and the second bag was in Chainarong’s bedroom.

Chainarong admitted to the police at the time of the arrest that he had just taken 2 Yaba pills. Kom the mother stated that her son won the grand prize in November 2019.

He was working as a construction site worker in Bangkok when he won 6 million THB. After winning the government lottery he came home to live with the mother.

He purchased a car and some goods for their home but then he became heavily addicted to Yaba pills.

Kom was afraid the money would be all gone so she deposited some of the winnings into her bank account. The son hasn’t worked since he won the lottery, he uses money from the prize on drugs and alcohol every day. Chainarong forces Kom to withdraw 100 – 200K every 5 – 10 days, now there is less than 200K left from the 6 Million THB prize.

When Chainarong is on Yaba he destroys items in their home and often assaults his own mother. She lives in fear every day and finally decided to file a report against her own son with the police.







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