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Mayor warns entertainment venues to follow the rules or face closures

entertainment venues pattaya one Feb 24 2024

In response to a surge in noise complaints, Mayor Poramet Ngampichet convened a meeting on February 22 to address the issue. The grievances primarily stemmed from establishments hosting live music, which was deemed excessively loud, particularly outside designated entertainment areas. In an effort to rectify this situation, Pattaya City extended invitations to business proprietors and authorities to deliberate on and execute strategies aimed at mitigating the disturbance within the community.

The gathering was attended by governmental officials, business operators, and representatives from pertinent bodies, engaging in dialogues about the potential issuance of licenses for venues featuring live music and the establishment of a streamlined licensing service. Discussions also delved into managing noise complaints, potential extensions of business operating hours, enforcement of legal compliance by businesses, classification of new entertainment venues, and the identification of new designated quiet zones throughout the city.

Presently, 816 establishments have been registered with the Banglamung District Office. The mayor urged businesses that have yet to register to do so promptly. These entities are expected to adhere to regulations concerning aspects such as operating hours, permissible noise levels, sound insulation provisions, fire safety protocols, and security measures. Business hours are subject to variation between 10 p.m. and midnight, contingent on each business’s specific location.

Mayor Poramet underscored the significance of cooperation and adherence to regulations. He urged business owners to grasp the idea of harmonious cohabitation within society. A dedicated committee was established to monitor compliance with the stipulated regulations. This committee will collaborate with the Banglamung district administration and law enforcement agencies to validate licenses and offer guidance to business operators.

Notably, the Mayor issued a caution that non-compliant businesses risk losing their licenses. Such establishments could face temporary closure for a minimum period of 30 days to facilitate necessary enhancements. This directive aligns with an earlier declaration on January 26, aimed at maintaining orderliness within the city and safeguarding communal well-being.


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