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British tourist stabbed by ladyboy on Phuket still in hospital

british tourist pattaya one Feb 24 2024

On February 23, 2024, the Phuket Tourist Police disclosed that they are awaiting a statement from a British tourist who was stabbed by a transgender woman, known locally as a ladyboy, during a dispute. The tourist, identified as Mr. Joseph, 24, hailing from Bristol, England, is currently recuperating at Vachira Phuket Hospital after sustaining a stab wound to his ribs on February 22.

Reportedly, the altercation transpired at the Kata Ocean View Condominium in Karon, Phuket, involving Mr. Joseph and three ladyboys. Allegedly, Mr. Joseph had arranged to meet the ladyboys in Patong Beach and agreed to compensate them each with 4,000 baht for services rendered. Upon their arrival at the apartment, Mr. Joseph paid one ladyboy 2,000 baht and asked the other two to depart, leading to a confrontation. The situation escalated into a physical altercation over the ladyboys’ belongings, resulting in objects being thrown around the room.

As per the account provided by the ladyboys, they claimed that Mr. Joseph initiated a physical assault against them, prompting one of the ladyboys to defend themselves by wielding a kitchen knife. In the ensuing scuffle, Mr. Joseph was stabbed, while one of the ladyboys sustained a head injury and a laceration on the arm. The injured ladyboy was subsequently taken to Chalong Hospital for treatment, whereas the other two transgender individuals, who suffered minor injuries, were brought to Karon Police Station for interrogation.

Initially, a 19-year-old ladyboy named Barbie, who allegedly stabbed Mr. Joseph, was charged by Karon Police with “assaulting others to the point of causing physical or mental harm.”

All parties involved have requested justice from the police, asserting that they were also subject to aggression, supported by their injuries and corresponding medical documentation.


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