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Chinese tech girl dazzles revellers with her illuminated silicone breasts

Chinese tech blogger Naomi Wu is known for her weird stunts. But this latest contraption really set the pulses racing.

The designer, also known as ‘sexy cyborg’, hooked up a torch to fibre-optic cables and then attached them to a corset.

This gave her a dazzling top – which illuminated her huge boobs as she walked through a nightclub.

Tech developer Naomi said had the idea after seeing an American porn star shining a flash light onto her fake boobs.

She wanted a wearable version but sticking in touch in her bra was ”too hot” causing her breasts to burn.

Naomi ordered a super-strength flash light which she connected to two fibre-optic cables – before using 3D printing to create a fitting to connect them.

Busty brainbox Naomi hooked up the contraption to a skimpy corset which she set to flash mode and wore to a club in Shenzen, China.

The 3D printing expert dazzled revellers with her new invention which she dubbed ‘LEBs’ – Light Emitting Boobies.

Naomi – who was criticised by feminists for her invention – said: ”When I saw the video of the porn star it looked very cool but from the beginning I could tell there were two issues. The flash light was enormous and it seemed like there would be some sort fo heat problem.

”I tried with a mountain head light and it was bright enough but it would have burned me over time.

”Then when the mountain light was connected to the fibre-optic cables it wasn’t bright enough so I used a flash light and a bigger tube. I needed to do some 3d tinkering and 3d printing to connect them together.

”I bought a camera holster to mount my back and screwed it to the flashlight.”

Naomi put the fibre-optic cables into the sides of the corset so the light illuminated her large breasts before hitting the tiles.

The tech whizz said the reaction to her invention was mixed between admiration and ”seething hatred”.

She added: ”The Light Emitting Boobies video was very popular. One video just showed me wearing them, not the build process so most people thought I was just a model and someone else built it.

”About 50 per cent of people were seething with hatred. Women saying it’s an affront to feminism, men saying it was a feminist plot so I could get angry about them making eye contact. It’s just a bit of fun with tech. Blow up a car though and the same people think you’re a DIY genius.”

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