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Man ‘pretended to be a mannequin’ in shop window

Man ‘pretended to be a mannequin’ in shop window


In order to wait inside a mall after it closed and allegedly take jewelry, a man claimed to be a mannequin.

In the Polish city of Warsaw, a retail window displayed a 22-year-old man who was stuck in place.

Before “robbing the store,” he is shown unsubtly clutching a bag with his arm extended.

‘He went “hunting” and robbed a jewelry stand when he felt it was safe,’ Warsaw police reported
Before slipping under the shop’s shutters, the man, who has since been detained, treated himself to a dinner, according to Warsaw police.

However, before security caught the shoplifter, he treated himself to a second dinner.

He returned to the eatery for another dinner, according to the police.

However, his luck eventually ran out when security personnel found him and apprehended him.
The 22-year-old is already known to have committed thefts and break-ins at another gallery, when after it closed, he stole cash from multiple registers and attempted to steal other items.

The individual has been remanded in detention after being accused with theft and burglary.

He might spend up to ten years in prison.


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