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Man lucky to survive after encounter with elephant

Man lucky to survive after encounter with elephant

A Thai man has suffered serious injuries after an unfortunate encounter with a wild elephant whilst out picking wild mushrooms.

One villager was seriously injured when he was accidentally trampled upon by an apparently panicky wild elephant in a chance encounter at a feeding ground close to the Kaeng Krachan national park in Petchaburi province on Saturday(Oct 7).

The victim, Mr Dam Chongcharoen, suffers a broken jaw, a broken left arm and a broken right leg. He was, however, rescued by park rangers and other villagers who put him on a make-shift stretcher and carried out of the forest to a waiting truck and rushed to the Hua Hin hospital.

A villager of Ban Pa Teng, Dam and another villager, went into the park to search for wild mushrooms and other forest products since Saturday morning. But on their way back home, they came across a wild elephants at a land plot where crops were grown for the elephants.

Dam’s friend who escaped unscathed told park officials that the elephant became panic as they did and both sides took flight. Unfortunately, the elephant trampled on Dam as it ran from the scene.

He said he left behind Dam who was seriously injured to seek help from park rangers and villagers.

Source: PBS

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