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Korean Man ripped off by auto repair shop

Korean Man ripped off by auto repair shop

The story was shared by Facebook Page “อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ return v.15” after receiving several complaints about an auto repair shop that has been ripping customers off.

The repair shop charges expensive prices in exchange for fixing up their vehicles, the twist is the Korean man had no repairs done at all.

The post captioned “#Alphard #Vellfire Hello, I am from Korea (A Thai friend helped me type this out).

These few days, many victims of the repair shop have come out sharing information about how they were cheated. I’m one of them.

About 2 months ago I saw an advertisement, the shop seemed trustworthy. I decided to take my car in for repairs at his shop. My car was making strange noises, especially when the speed increases.

When I took my car in, the mechanic checked my car and said there were 3 things that needed to be fixed. When I went to pick-up my car all the issues were still there, perhaps something else might have been broken.

I took my car into a different repair shop and the mechanic told me that nothing had been fixed. I’m not a mechanic, I don’t know what is broken and what is not. As a customer, I trusted in the mechanic and the auto repair shop but instead I was deceived.

I had to pay the repair price, in exchange for nothing. I live in Thailand because I love Thai people but is this what I get in return? I don’t even know if the new rack is real or if it was refurbished.

If the car was repaired as agreed then I wouldn’t have any problem. I wanted to share my story for a while now but didn’t know how to do so, or how to find a solution. I hope all the victims find a way out of this case. We don’t want just an apology.

Thank you for reading my story, if there was a point that wasn’t clear, I am sorry.” The page also attached pictures of  3 receipts with final costs of 116,320 THB, 202,396 THB, and 114,803 THB.

Khaosod reported that there are other victims that have shared their stories in the Facebook Group “Alphard Vellfire Thailand” with 26 victims and total damage of 2,233,078 THB.

Together they have shared common points used by the auto repair shop including overcharging repairs, agreed on one price and when pick-up time comes the price sometimes doubles, fake parts sold at real parts and used parts sold as new parts, repairs turn into even more issues requiring more repairs, and the shop won’t return the old parts back to customers.

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