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CCTV catches moment Car hits Power Pole

CCTV catches moment Car hits Power Pole

The incident occurred on a roadway connecting the Koh Pho and Phanat Nikhom regions inside the province of Chonburi.
Upon reaching the scene, the rescue crew discovered an individual of Thai nationality, specifically Mr. Wichai Chalong, aged 65, who was ensnared within the remnants of his black Toyota Vigo pickup truck.

The vehicle had become wedged against a utility pole situated adjacent to the roadway.

The rescue team used powerful cutting tools to free the individual from the vehicle. Subsequent examination revealed the presence of lacerations beneath the mandible, discomfort in the neck region, contusions on the back, and a sensation of constriction in the chest.

Prior to being transported to Phanat Nikhom Hospital, the individual received initial first aid treatment.

The local media questioned Mr. Somkiat Teerun, a witness to the accident. According to his account, the individual asserted that he discovered the victim confined within his vehicle subsequent to the occurrence of the accident, with no prior knowledge of the factors leading to the incident.

The law enforcement authorities obtained closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage from the location in question for the purpose of gathering evidentiary material. It was stated that the victim would be summoned for an interview subsequent to his recuperation.


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