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Man gets a ring stuck on his erm……penis!

Man gets a ring stuck on his erm……penis!

At around 1:00pm on June 24th, a rather embarrassed looking Thai man made his way into the emergency ward claiming he had a problem with his penis.

I’m sure that doctors and nurses are prepared for almost any situation, but even they couldn’t hold their laughter in when they found out what the problem was.

Unfortunately for the man, aged 33, he had somehow managed to force a ring onto his penis, but when he tried to pull it back off, it was stuck.

Asked why he thought putting a ring onto his private area was a good idea, the man became very shy and could not come up with a valid answer. Either that or he was too ashamed to tell them the truth.

Doctors started work on removing the ring, but after several attempts using lubricant failed, it was time to bring out the big boy tools.

The ring was eventually cut off, much to the relief of the victim.

Although the man was claiming it was more to do with actual size of his crown jewels as to why the ring got stuck, doctors were quick to dismiss this saying that the ring was approximately 4 cm in diameter, but it was due to the fact that the man’s penis had become swollen that he was unable to remove it.

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