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Free Food: Jie Jie Beer Bar sets the standards for social distancing

social distancing

Free Food: Jie Jie Beer Bar sets the standards for social distancing

Tik, the girls and other helpers set the standards for social distancing on Wednesday with another free food giveaway that went without hiccups or problems.

As so many people had turned up to get food, it was so good to see others helping with keeping social distancing, wearing masks, using hand sanitizers, plus everyone was checked for temperature before getting food

I arrived at the bar in Soi Chaiyapoon at around 12:30, quite late as Tik and the other ladies had already been there cooking and preparing things since 6 am. I had stayed for around an hour and a half watching and talking with everyone then came back to the bar around 4:30 pm just as the food was being handed out.

400 meals were given out in 20 minutes and everyone that waited patiently in line were all polite and grateful even tho it was another hot day in Pattaya.

Again this is just another example of the continuous generosity when it comes to helping people in need.

And I will probably see much the same when I am at Nature Bar in Soi 6 tomorrow with Bryan Flowers and his team.

But again back to Jie Jie Beer Bar, everyone stayed happy and kept everyone’s spirits up even tho it had been a long hot day for the helpers.

The bar will be doing another food giveaway soon, however, donations are in very short supply and they want to make sure there is enough food to feed everyone.

So please don’t forget that anyone is welcome to come and help or donate. I will put the bars link below where people can donate food and or money. Remember this is for a good cause no matter how little or how much a person can donate. Anything is good and we all want to keep the food flowing so the people that really need it can still eat and stay healthy.

Again a special thanks to Tik, all the girls and everyone that helped

Guys, as always, please stay safe out there

Detail for Jie Jie Beer Bar can be found here and please talk with Tik regarding donations

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