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Lufthansa will fly the Airbus A380 to Bangkok and Los Angeles.

This winter, Bangkok and Los Angeles are in, while JFK and Boston are out.

This winter, Lufthansa will operate flights on the Airbus A380 from Munich to Bangkok and Los Angeles. They can now be reserved. On June 1st, the carrier will resume utilizing the double-decker when it departs from Munich for Boston. On July 4th, it will depart for New York JFK. However, neither Boston nor JFK are prepared to see the type over the winter as on April 27th and susceptible to change.

to Los Angeles on a Lufthansa A380

From October 5 forward, Lufthansa will operate flights between Los Angeles and Munich, its second-largest hub. From March 2018 until October 2019, it last employed the double-decker on the 9,638-kilometer (5,989-mile) route. Funny enough, it was never used in the winter; always in the summer.more seats per flight by 74%

It will replace the non-first-class A350-900, which runs only during the summer, and operate daily. Of fact, Los Angeles is quite warm in the winter. By using the A380, each flight will have 509 seats instead of 293, a significant 216-seat increase (+74%). The A380s used by the carrier are set up as follows:

Eight first-class seats (arranged 1-2-1)

(2-2-2) 78 business class seats

(2-4-2) 52 premium economy seats

371 seats in the economy class (3-4-3)

For flights from Los Angeles to Munich, click here.

Eight first class seats are now available (new), along with 78 additional business, 52 additional premium economy, and 371 additional standard economy seats (all of which are up). Particularly noteworthy is the route’s return of first class.

Bangkok via Lufthansa A380

Lufthansa will begin using the A380 on its flights between Munich and Bangkok on October 28, the final day of the northern aviation summer season (March 26–October 28). The inaugural flight from Thailand will therefore depart on the opening day of the winter season, which is the busiest travel season in Thailand. For flights from Munich to Bangkok, click here.

The A380 replaces the A350-900, much like Los Angeles. Although it did so from Frankfurt between 2017 and 2020, the German behemoth has never operated the A380 between Munich and Bangkok.

Intriguingly, Lufthansa has never offered first class on flights from Munich to Bangkok, at least not in the previous 20 years.

A380’s fourth flight to Bangkok

After ceasing service between Munich and Bangkok in 2006, Lufthansa resumed it in 2019. The following is the schedule for this winter, all timings are local:

LH772, 22:20-14:55+1 (11 hours, 35 minutes block time), Munich to Bangkok

LH773, 23:40-05:50+1 from Bangkok to Munich (12h 10m)

In addition to Asiana, Emirates, and Qatar Airways, Lufthansa will employ the double-decker to go to Bangkok starting on April 27. They will each have up to nine departures each day.

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