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Lottery winner buys 10,000 Eggs to Thank Spirits

Spirits rewarded with 10,000 eggs and some rice

On the morning of February 3rd, a lottery winner in Nakhon Prathom repaid local spirits with 10,000 eggs and rice, for they granted her the fortunate number that resulted in her buying a total of 100 winning lottery tickets.

Udom Pakpulprai, 67, said that she visited Sawang Arom Temple in Nakhon Chaisri district because her sons and grandsons were going to be ordained. While she was there, she prayed for wealth and luck from a silver and gold Buddha image and “Iron Wood Goddess” at the temple and received a bottle gourd amulet that is believed to grant the holder charm and luck.

On the amulet, she saw the numbers 4 and 2 written in Thai writing. She then bought a total of 100 lottery tickets that ended in the number 42 and 50 more tickets with different numbers.

When the results were announced on Wednesday, the winning number did indeed end in 42. This means she can redeem all 100 tickets for 1,000 Baht per ticket.

Sanook reported that she also won the three-digit prize too. However, there’s no report of how much that prize is worth.

To show respect and gratitude to the divine spirit that blessed her with so much luck, Udom gave 10,000 eggs and 30 bags of rice as offerings. She also used her prize to organize the ordination ceremony for her sons and grandsons.

Eggs, especially hard-boiled, are a common offering that Thais give to sacred shrines or statues that they believe grant their wishes.

Credit: Bangkok Coconuts

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