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Dog Thief still at Large

3 month old dog stolen from heartbroken owner

At around 8:00pm on February 3rd, a 26 year old Thai lady asked Pattaya police for help launching an appeal for her stolen dog to be returned.

The dog in question is a lovely looking 3 year old Pomeranian puppy.

The owner of the dog is also the owner of a mobile phone and electronic device shop in South Pattaya. The kidnapping itself took place on January 31st at around 11:50pm. The lady had popped out to take care of some business, and had left her puppy at the shop, in the capable hands of her younger brother, 20 years old. All was fine before he decided to go for a shower upstairs.

After cleaning himself up, he wandered back downstairs to find that his sister’s dog was missing. He ran outside to look for it, but amazingly it was nowhere to be seen.

He asked local vendors if they had seen the puppy, and many said that they had seen it wander out of the shop and head towards a nearby 7eleven. An eye witness then came forward and told the worried brother that he had seen a young couple on a motorbike pull up and grab the dog, before making a quick getaway. At the time, he didn’t find anything unusual as he thought that the couple must be the owners of the dog.

On returning back to the shop, the elder sister was devastated when she heard what had happened and immediately started looking for her puppy by putting up posters and posting on facebook. So far, there is no good news so she has gone to the police and local media in an attempt to find her puppy.

There is a reward waiting for anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the little pup.

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