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Lopburi burglars were apprehended while they were catching monkeys.

In Thailand’s Lop Buri region, tranquilizer darts were discovered to have been used by three people who are suspected of being part of a wildlife trafficking ring to capture over ten macaque monkeys.

A saloon car allegedly pulled up in front of a home in the center of Mueang district on Monday carrying several monkeys, according to an unnamed witness who claims to have videotaped the theft of the monkeys on his smartphone.

After giving the animals food and allowing them to follow them to their car, a guy and two ladies got out of the vehicle. The man then tranquilized the monkeys with tranquilizer darts before seizing and dumping each one into the automobile one at a time.

The group allegedly rushed away after the witness shouted at them. The location had two darts. The Tha Hin police were notified of the event, and they reviewed the local CCTV.

Police located Uthai Thani using the car’s license plate.

For shipment to China, where their body parts are thought to be an aphrodisiac, many monkeys have previously been captured in monasteries by wildlife trafficking groups.

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