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Latest MAX issues will cause a delay of 45 to 50 aircraft.

Among the affected carriers are Southwest carriers and Ryanair.

Boeing said on Tuesday that the most recent issue with the production quality of the Boeing 737 MAX might affect up to 45 to 50 MAX deliveries in the coming months, potentially cutting up to 9,000 seats from the summer schedules of the company’s clients. Additionally, this will jeopardize Boeing’s delivery projections.

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The Boeing CEO, Dave Calhoun, told the Seattle Times on Tuesday that he thinks the most recent problem will cause delays in jet deliveries that will prevent the arrival of 40 to 50 MAXs in time for the high summer season. Dave Calhoun remarked at the company’s annual general meeting that the delivery delay “removes about 9,000 seats from our customers’ summer schedules, and we apologize to all of them for the impact on those fleets.”

In a statement last week, Boeing said that it had discovered quality issues with a component supplied by supplier Spirit AeroSystems. Boeing claims that it discovered a ‘non-standard’ manufacturing procedure for two fittings to be put in the aft fuselage, a problem that mostly affects the 737 MAX 8 and the MAX 7 and 10 variants.

Despite the size of the issue, Calhoun saw a bright spot. The executive said that “at least we knew very quickly which airplanes were affected, exactly what parts, and we built rework plans within a week of the time it was initially disclosed.”

There is no immediate danger.

The issue doesn’t affect airplanes that are currently in operation, according to Boeing. Also stating that there was no imminent threat to flight safety, the US maker claimed that active jetliners could continue to fly safely. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Boeing, and Spirit AeroSystems are collaborating to find a solution to this problem.

A Spirit AeroSystems representative recently informed Simple Flying that the business is trying to establish an inspection and repair for the impacted fuselages.

Which airlines may suffer from the delays?

Southwest Airlines and Ryanair are two of the most likely clients who would be impacted, according to The Seattle Times. In the first quarter, the US airline received 29 MAXs, and 61 more were expected this year. The 24 deliveries of the MAX8-200 type have been scheduled by the Irish ultra-low cost airline between April and June. Despite Ryanair management’s assurances that there won’t be any delays, some of this will probably happen. E

ddie Wilson, the CEO of Ryanair DAC, stated on RTE Television on Monday that there won’t be any major disruptions this summer. Dave Calhoun noted that the company’s efforts to increase production and reduce the amount of finished jets in long-term storage awaiting delivery to customers will make this and the following calendar year the most challenging.

Boeing has delivered more than 750 aircraft since the MAX was ungrounded in December 2020 as a result of the crashes of Ethiopian and Lion Air. 250 are still parked, about.Boeing is anticipated to deliver between 400 and 450 737s and 70 to 80 787s, averaging between 33 and 38 per month, according to the Defense & Security Monitor. The business delivered 130 aircraft in the first quarter, including 113 737s, a 747, a 767, four 777s, and 11 787s.

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