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Twin Teens Give Up Following shotout

Twin Teens Give Up Following shotout

After fatally shooting another adolescent in Bangkok, twin teens have turned themselves up.
The Prawet Police informed TPN reporters that two teenagers, who were only identified as Mr. Yossakorn and Mr. Yossaphon, 19-year-old twins, were taken into custody on Sunday, November 5. One of their handguns was taken. The arrest occurred after they fatally shot another adolescent on Saturday morning (November 4) on On Nut Road in Prawet.
The victim, identified only as Mr. Koonsap, 19, was shot in the head and suffered serious injuries. A nearby hospital eventually declared him dead. His friend, a 19-year-old man only known as Mr. Sompop, informed the police that he was riding a motorcycle with Mr. Koonsap as his passenger.

Two suspects riding a motorcycle were waiting for them at the scene of the altercation, asking them what school they went to. The twins did not trust the victim when he told them later that they did not study. But at this moment, the argument became more heated, and one of the twins pulled a revolver and shot the victim.

The twin suspects’ father brought his boys to turn himself in to the authorities. It’s true that his twin boys attend a nearby technical school; the name of the institution wasn’t disclosed. The older brother, Mr. Yossaphon, told the police he was furious for no apparent reason when he saw the victim’s face. But Yossaphon insisted that he shoot the defenseless victim in self-defense because he believed they were going to assault him first. Yossaphon was similarly erroneous in supposing the victim to be a competitor student from a different technical school.


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