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Lockdown or just dont know where to start let Key Visa Thailand help

Key Visa Company feels that due to our special service offered to clients and our reputation that we have grown in strength to shine through what can be a precarious industry.

We at Key Visa Company have been helping clients from all corners of Thailand for over 15 years, especially helping foreigners to stay in Thailand and obtaining visas for Thai Nationals to travel overseas – mainly to the UK, Australia and Ireland – for either tourism purposes or permanent migration.

We continue to succeed were many have failed due to our absolute honesty and our policy of payment upon completion.

Over the years, Key Visa Company has become a trusted name among the many expats living in Thailand, known for being indispensable in case of visa problems.

Darren is also well known, and well liked, by Immigration and Embassy officials and earned a reputation as an expert lecturer during his 9 year tenure as the visa and Immigration adviser to the Pattaya Expats Club.

The constant changes in visa procedures and rules mean Darren’s job, the job of teaching the foreign community how to preempt difficult situations and avoid expensive mistakes, is never done.

Over many years we have written numerous articles for many different tabloids, giving correct, up to date visa information when needed.

We pride ourselves on never charging a consultation fee, giving free phone and office consultations, and – no matter how small the inquiry – putting a client’s mind at rest. That is how we have succeeded where so many others have failed.

Darren would like the to reiterate that even though the visa industry has been tainted over the years not all companies are the same and that nobody should pay upfront for a visa that they have not yet received. Don’t fall for fancy gimmicks.

Just because we live in Thailand and do business in Thailand doesn’t mean we should pay for something we have not yet received.

Would you pay for a boiler for your home before it had been fitted in your home country? The simple answer is NO, so why should it be any different in Thailand?

Darren wishes to continue giving a friendly, honest and no-money-up-front service for many years to come. Thank you to all his clients and, especially, his future clients, for all the support he’s received over the years.

To find out How Darren can help you to your visa success quote Pattaya One every little helps

Please contact us to day we are here for you.


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