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Leading doctor says Thailand shouldn’t open to tourists for another six months

Chulalongkorn dean and researcher Dr Thira Woratanarat has once again told the Thai media that the country should NOT open up to foreign tourists. 

This time he went further than previous occasions when he warned about opening the country to foreigners. 

He told Channel 7 the government should wait for another SIX months. 

And he has suggested that the interests of big business to make money should not be at the expense of public health concerns.

Dr Thira pointed to the fact there had been locally acquired transmissions of coronavirus and it was the “G-strain” that was seen all over the world. 

He urged the government to reconsider their opening up plans and only allow in those people that they absolutely must permit entry.

In reference to migrant labor he suggested that many of those jobs could be done by Thais for now. 

Back in June Thira had said “travel bubble” plans were “asking for trouble”. In early August he warned against opening borders and at the end of last month he said “don’t rush to reopen”.

Despite these warnings the government still seems to be pressing ahead though daily reports of Thai people agreeing with the doctor are appearing in the Thai media, notes Thaivisa. 

These reports contrast with others from those in the tourism sector to reopen, at least partially.

Government deputy spokeswoman Traisulee Traisoranakul said that moves to reopen the country were still under discussion and that the TAT were still encouraging domestic tourism. 

In some comments Dr Thira referred obliquely to big business interests in a “heavenly island” (probably Phuket) who want to reopen. 

He was clearly suggesting that business interests were being put above public health concerns in the push to reopen the country, notes Thaivisa. 

Source: Channel 7

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