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Latest Travel Trends revealed

International travel Statistics

The results of the most recent Global Travel Monitor® report by IPK International on trends in international outbound travel for 2022 are presented at ITB Berlin.

The travel sector saw a considerable resurgence in 2022. Globally, outbound travel climbed significantly year over year without exceeding levels from 2019.

For specific continents, locations, and travel markets, variations were obvious. In contrast to Asia, where outbound travel fell substantially behind pre-pandemic levels, European and American travelers were much more comparable to 2019 figures. Notwithstanding all the problems and unpredictabilities, travel interest is constantly high in 2023, so there aren’t many obstacles to international tourism’s continued recovery in that year.

According to IPK’s Global Travel Monitor®, outbound travel worldwide increased by 90% annually in 2022, amounting to a total of about 700 million trips worldwide. 2019 outbound travel is 66% of pre-crisis levels when compared to outbound travel before the pandemic. Hence, 2022 marked a dramatic change for the better. By looking at certain continents, tendencies vary.

Travel outside of the country increased 92% from Europe, 87% from North America, and 70% from South America. These growth rates led to an almost complete recovery or a return to three-quarters of former levels for outward travel. While still exhibiting a 90% year over year increase in 2022, international travel from Asia continued to be well behind 2019 estimates.

Although China is the largest source market, the disparity in developments from other continents was mostly caused by stringent Covid policy restrictions in that country. The USA, Germany, and the UK saw the most outbound travel in 2022.

Regarding locations, sun and beach vacations in Turkey and Spain were particularly well-liked, nearly regaining 2019 levels. The UK likewise showed strong three-digit growth rates over the worldwide average year over year. Those places that were severely afflicted by pandemic limitations in 2020 and 2021 performed better than average in 2022.

The Maldives were the most popular tourist destination in 2022, using the IPK-developed Destination Performance Index (DPI). The World Travel Monitor® surveyed travelers about their satisfaction with their vacation, whether they would recommend it to others, and whether they would return, and then analyzed the findings. Maldives took first prize, with Dubai and Cyprus coming in second and third, respectively.

Holidays are highly desired, with sun and beach locations at the top of the list.

Holiday travel remained the top travel motive in 2022 with a market share of 70%; compared to 2021, it grew more than business travel and even other private trips. MICE travel, in particular, showed a substantial increase tendency year over year in the business travel sector. Sun and beach vacations were the most popular type of vacation globally in 2022, growing at a rate of almost 90% (total market share: 35%; second place: city breaks). Round-trip travel also saw rises that were above normal in addition to city breaks.

Vacations in nature (in the mountains or the countryside), which saw a significant boost in popularity during the pandemic, continued to be very popular in 2022 and saw a gain in market share.

The following global trends in terms of transportation options emerged in 2022: while international air travel climbed dramatically once more in comparison to 2021, it lingered well behind pre-pandemic levels in 2019. Similar to prior years, the majority of overseas travel was done by air (market share: 60 per cent).

Compared to 2021, growth in car travel was a little below normal. Growth in rail traffic was much higher than usual. The results of the poll on environmentally friendly travel confirmed this. Hence, about 20% of those surveyed claimed that sustainability or environmental factors had influenced their selection of transportation for an outbound trip in 2022.

The latest IPK NEXT Media study, driven by press relations NewsRadar®, which looked at international media reporting in the context of holidays and travel in 2022, also highlighted the significance of this subject. It examined the extent to which the media covered environmentally friendly travel. What is apparent is that in 2022, sustainable travel issues were covered by the media quite regularly. 25% of tourism-related news stories in German media mentioned sustainability.

Increased travel costs in 2022

Despite the average length of an overseas trip being nearly unchanged from before the pandemic in 2022, the World Travel Monitor® reports that per-person and per-trip travel costs increased once again dramatically. The average nightly and per-person expense in 2022 was close to 165 euros.

Hotel Costs
Hotel Costs

Due to an above-average increase in brief breaks, stays reduced and almost returned to pre-pandemic levels (one to three nights). For the final two years of the epidemic, these saw a substantially worse drop. The main causes of increases in travel expenses were rising travel prices brought on by inflation and the decline in airline and service availability. In contrast, the results of the Global Travel Monitor® revealed that the incomes of outgoing travelers had barely changed.

In 2023, recovery will continue.

The outward travel estimates for 2019 are within reach globally, at least insofar as the bulk of source markets, travel destinations, and markets are concerned, according to the IPK’s surveys, and this good trend will continue in 2023. The most recent survey’s findings show that people will continue to want to travel abroad in 2023.

Those who attend the ITB Berlin Conference in 2023 will learn more details about particular industries. Almost 400 specialists will discuss the responsibilities and issues facing the tourism sector in 200 sessions at the premier think tank for the travel industry from March 7 to 9.

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