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Ladies’ Underwear ‘Thief’ caught on CCTV

Ladies’ Underwear ‘Thief’ caught on CCTV

Police have been called on to track down a light-fingered panty thief snatching several women’s undergarments from clothes racks at an apartment block in the Wichit area of Phuket on Saturday.

The alarm was raised after several tenants at an apartment block noticed that their undergarments were missing. In turn, the owner of the apartment block checked the building’s CCTV and then notified police.
The owner declined to be named and declined to identify the name of the apartment block.

According to the CCTV footage, the man parked his motorbike in front of the apartment block and entered the building at 12:48 am. The man walked along the main hallway of the building, where three pairs of ladies’ underwear were later found to be missing from the clothes racks where they were hanging outside rooms to dry.

He then walked into the laundry room, where a bra was later found to be missing from a pile of clothes. The man then exited the building and placed all the undergarments, now liberated from their previous owners, into a plastic bag before leaving on the motorbike.

“The man was wearing a grey shirt and dark blue trousers. Previously, there have been cases of underwear missing from the neighboring rental properties, but I didn’t think it would happen here. We are afraid that the man may return to the scene and may harm the residents,” said the owner.

“However, we have notified the police of the incident, and the investigation is underway,” he added. Source: Coconuts Bangkok

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