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Korean Tourist Attacked by Group of Thai Youth’s

Korean tourist attacked by group of Thais in Pattaya

At around 2:00am on February 2nd, Pattaya police and emergency services were called to the scene of a fight that had broken out between a Korean tourist and a group of young Thai men.

The incident took place down at Pattaya Beach Road, close to Soi 6. When police arrived onto the scene they found the victim, Mr. Doo Jin Choi, a 50 year old Korean tourist, with a nasty looking cut above his left eye. Blood was still pouring from the wound and Mr. Choi had to be treated by paramedics at the scene, before being taken to hospital for a full checkup.

Mr. Choi’s girlfriend told police the she and her boyfriend had been enjoying a late night meal together when a pickup truck carrying roughly 10 young Thai men pulled up and started blasting out music. The couple found this very disturbing so the Mr. Choi’s girlfriend went over to the men and asked them politely to turn the music down a little.

The young Thai men took great offence to this request and stated hurling abuse towards the lady. At this point Mr. Choi decided to step in and defend his girlfriend, only to end up on the receiving end of a 10 onto 1 Thai style beating. Seeing Mr. Choi was hurt, the men jumped back into their truck and made a quick getaway before police could arrive.

Unfortunately, nobody was able to catch the registration number of the vehicle, so police are now looking at CCTV images from around the area in an attempt to catch the gang and press charges against them.

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