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Foreign Streaker with Knife causes Mayhem

Streaker with a knife causing trouble for tourists and locals

At around 12:20am on February 2nd, Pattaya police were called in to apprehend a Caucasian streaker who went on a naked rampage in Central Pattaya.

The man, who still remains unidentified, was seen wandering at about midnight with a knife in his hand close to the Mae Wilai Market located downtown on Central Pattaya Road.

Thongyib Chomdee, a vendor at the scene, said the man charged at several people and tried to damage property, prompting many vendors, including herself, to close down their shops and bar their doors.

Police officers arrived about 20 minutes after someone alerted them and arrested the naked man. He was reportedly taken to Pattaya City Police Station to calm down.

Police were unable to gain any information from the man, who looked to be around the 25-30 age range, regarding who he was, where he was from, or why he felt the need to take all of his clothes off in public. The did say that he was likely to released soon after without charge.

“We don’t have any information regarding this person,” deputy commander Lt. Col. Sompan Suksamran said.

Nobody was injured or harmed during the incident, and police have put the incident down to a few too many alcoholic drinks.

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