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Khaosod news reporter witnessed violent altercation

On Tuesday afternoon, a Khaosod news reporter in Pattaya witnessed a violent altercation involving foreign tourists. The tourists were seen punching and kicking a person of the same nationality, causing injuries, in front of local residents and other tourists.

The incident occurred in front of a food-to-order restaurant on South Pattaya Road. As the situation escalated, the reporter intervened to stop the fight while recording evidence, prompting the attackers to flee into the nearby bushes.

The reporter then called the police, who managed to arrest one suspect, identified as Vietnamese. The other suspects disappeared near a shopping mall parking lot. The injured victim, Mr. Xuan Hai Ngo, 38, also Vietnamese, explained that his attackers were his debtors. They had arranged to meet him to settle an outstanding debt. Mr. Xuan and his friend were waiting at the food-to-order restaurant next to a Vietnamese restaurant when the debtors arrived in a Ford car with four people.

During their negotiation at a table in front of the restaurant, Mr. Xuan was suddenly put in a headlock, punched in the face, and beaten until he staggered onto the street. The group followed him and continued the assault until someone intervened. Mr. Xuan believes the debtors planned the attack to lure him there and is now very scared.

Police officers searched the debtors’ Ford car and found numerous weapons, including knives, metal objects, and wooden sticks, which were confiscated for investigation. The police are expediting the pursuit of this Vietnamese mafia gang to prosecute them according to the law.

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