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In defense of the magnificent CLEAVAGE


A Frenchwoman who was insulted on the street by a stranger after wearing a V-neck top has gone viral by posting a picture of her cleavage in defiance. 

Twitter user ‘Celine B’ sparked an outpouring of solidarity on social media after hitting back at the insults over her cleavage.

Sharing a picture of herself wearing a vest top to Twitter last week, the young woman explained that a male stranger had just labeled it a ‘dirty w**** neckline’.

‘So, according to the guy I just passed in the street, this top makes me look like ‘a dirty w****’.. mate, my breasts and I say f*** you,’ the woman posted.

The tweet, which racked up thousands of likes and comments,  prompted a flood of selfies of a woman posing in bikinis, vests and strapless tops alongside the hashtag #JeKiffeMonDecollete (I love my cleavage).

One woman posted a photo of herself wearing a blue and pink vest, with the caption ‘#ILoveMyCleavage too. And my husband loves it. To anyone who’s not happy about that – too bad’.

‘#ILoveMyCleavage because I’m a free woman, because our grandmothers fought for our freedom,’ another user identified as Marie D’Ange wrote, with a photo of her low-cut red top.

‘My breasts and I beat cancer, and we didn’t do it to get hassle,’ said another outraged Twitter user.

One wrote: ‘Dear Sir, it’s 2019. A subject that should no longer be part of our news. It’s beautiful! Nothing prettier than a female woman!

She continued: ‘Simply look away if the beautiful landscapes bother you.’

Another slammed the unidentified man’s comments, adding: ‘It’s the cleavage of a girl who dresses the way she wants and she’s right’.

Other social media users – who didn’t post a picture of their cleavage – also offered their support in the comments

More than 4,000 people liked the post by @c3lineb, who works in a laboratory according to her Twitter profile and has just 444 followers.

Last August, French lawmakers passed a new law making sexual harassment in the street punishable with on-the-spot fines.

The law covers behaviour including comments on a woman’s looks or clothing, catcalling, intrusive questions and stalking.

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