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Husband and wife with 52 arrest warrants finally captured

A husband and wife were arrested for stealing customers money. Together they have a total of 52 arrest warrants.

Tang 54 years old has an arrest warrant from the Uthaithani Court no.132/2557 issued in 2014 and Worawee 39 years old has an arrest warrant from the Uthaithani Court no. 133/2557 issued in 2014.

Together the couple has 52 arrest warrants issued out in their name.

The couple was arrested in a University Cafeteria located in Chiang Mai Province. The arrest is thanks to a victim reporting the couple in a criminal case.

The victim had previously purchased a car from the suspect’s second-hand car shop with a method of payment through a finance company.

But, instead of paying directly to the finance company the victim has to make payments to the suspects who are supposed to send the money to the finance company.

The problem started when the suspects never gave the victims money to the finance company for payment.

When the couple was arrested, they admitted to the charges and stated that they had a second-hand car shop in Nong Ka Yang District, Uthaithani Province.

Most of their customers are farmers who purchase cars from their shop through a finance company.

Instead of paying monthly payments like in normal cases, the farmers will ask the suspects to pay the monthly payments to the finance company for them.

The buyers will then come to pay their monthly payments all at once at the end of the year after they have made some money from selling their products annually.

When the economy started to go down, many of the couple’s customers disappeared without returning the money to the shop.

They ran out of money and had to keep the victim’s money instead of giving it to the finance company. After the victim went to report about the incident, the couple decided to go hide in Chiang Mai Province.

They will now be sent to the Nong Ka Yang Police Station in Uthaithani for prosecution.



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