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Huge storm wave smashes through commuter boat windows

Passengers in Hamburg were knocked off their seats when a huge wave smashed through the front windows of a commuter ferry.

Jaw-dropping footage shows the terrifying moment the Hadag ferry in Tollerort was hit by a wave during a storm.

It caused a panic as people grabbed their things and made a run for it while water flooded the seating area.

The water entered the passenger compartment through the windows, which were shattered by the pressure of the wave.

Despite some passengers being knocked backwards by the force of the wave, no one was seriously injured, according to local media.

Only a handful of people were on the ferry when it hit the wave, with many passengers sat closer to the back, giving them enough time to flee.

Officials are now investigating why the windows gave way.

Ferry services have also been temporarily suspended.

The incident happened as Storm Ylenia brought winds of 95mph to northern Germany.

Residents have been told to stay indoors and keep a distance from buildings, scaffoldings and power lines.

Storm Ylenia has left thousands of homes without electricity, forced schools to close and caused travel disruption, with trains and flights cancelled in many parts of the country.

In Berlin, a state of emergency has been declared due to the huge volume of calls authorities are receiving.

Much of northern Europe is being battered by dangerous weather.

In the UK, The Met Office has issued a danger to life red warning ahead of Storm Eunice tomorrow.

Eunice is expected to cause greater damage than Storm Dudley, which left thousands of homes without power and caused travel disruption.

Ministers are holding an emergency cobra meeting to discuss responses to both storms.

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