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Horror smash as car hits 18 wheeler at speed

Horror smash as car hits 18 wheeler at speed

At around 1:00am on April 26th, Pattaya police and emergency services were called to the scene of a smash involving a Toyota Vios and an 18 wheeler.

The accident occurred on a motorway just on the outskirts of Pattaya City. Arriving at the scene, police found a MR.LEE MYEONG KEE, still sat in the drivers seat of his white Toyota Vios. The front end was crushed after apparently hitting the rear end of an 18 wheeler.

Luckily, MR.LEE MYEONG KEE was still alive, but had to be treated for a long period of time at the scene before paramedics declaring it safe enough to transport the victim’s body to a local hospital where he could receive further treatment for his injuries.

Police spoke to the driver of the 18 wheeler, who told them that he had parked his vehicle up on the hard shoulder to take a rest as he was feeling tired from driving. The next this he knew was that something had hit the back of his truck at high speed. He stepped out to take a look and found MR.LEE MYEONG KEE in the wreck. He immediately called for emergency assistance.

There were no other witnesses to the accident, so police will wait until MR.LEE MYEONG KEE has made a full recovery before questioning him regarding the crash. No charges have been made so far.

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