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Homeless teenager in Pattaya assaults and hurts another homeless man.

On Friday in Pattaya, a homeless youngster attacked and hurt the victim. Near an abandoned home on Soi Thep Prasit 17 in the Nong Prue subdivision of the Bang Lamung district, emergency personnel arrived at the site. They discovered the injured man there, who was thought to be around 50 years old and bleeding badly from four serious head and shoulder wounds.

After then, the victim was brought to a local hospital for medical attention.According to a witness who only wanted to be known as 48-year-old Aoi, the injured man had asked a homeless adolescent to fix his bicycle. The suspect, however, took the request as a threat, which started a verbal argument that quickly turned physical. The knife and glass bottle altercation that resulted in the man’s injuries.

In Pattaya, there have been four recent instances of homeless people fighting, and local officials have recognised this as a rising problem. In a different incident, a homeless man was seriously hurt in a street fight. Due to this incident, concerns over the security and well-being of Pattaya’s homeless population have grown.

A homeless woman in Pattaya was detained last week after she allegedly tried to rape a man and attacked him with a meat cleaver. She claimed that Somjit and a 52-year-old homeless man named Sujin had been drinking together on the night of the incident inside the remote spot they called home. Unexpectedly, their pleasant encounter became violent when Sujin allegedly started to attack her with the intention of raping her. Somjit grabbed the meat cleaver next to her and struck Sujin hard in the head in an effort to defend herself.

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