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Hells Angels Thailand refute ex-members beating claims

Thai members of the Hells Angels motorbike club have dismissed claims by a former member that he was beaten by Australian members after he went to police and press earlier this week.

Both Thai and foreign members unanimously voted the now ex-Sergeant-at-arms, out of the club following numerous infractions of the rules – a decision the biker wasn’t willing to accept.

Through messaging applications the ex-Sergeant-at-arms made numerous threats to members and prospects, one of which was a photo of his foot. A major no-no in Thai culture and deemed to be seriously insulting. In addition to boasting to other Thai members and people that he will go to the police and get the Australian members kicked out of the country even before the fight.

After the ex-Sergeant-at-arms was voted out he arrived at a members meeting carrying a baseball bat making threats to those attending and calling out several Australian members of the Chapter.

This led to a fight (7th March) where an Australian member who resides in Bangkok fought the ex-Sergeant-at-arms in defense of the Thai prospects the ex-Sergeant-at-arms was making threats to for several weeks.

The fight was a one-on-one, fists only and witnessed by over 20 both Thai and foreign people, who saw the ex-Sergeant-at-arms take a fair beating and felt the matter was now closed.

The ex-Sergeant-at-arms had other ideas and going against much of what the Hells Angels stand for, he went to police and filed an assault report against his former compatriots claiming he was beaten four-on-one.

Not satisfied with going to the police, the ex-Sergeant-at-arms then went to the press to claim he was ousted and beaten by Australian members of the Chapter he described as infiltrators.

Thai members of the club who wish to remain anonymous, outright dismiss his claims stating he was ousted from the club by a national vote and he is unwilling to accept this decision. The decision was prior to the fight which was instigated by the ex-Sergeant-at-arms himself.

No matter the outcome, the ex-Sergeant-at-arms will never be allowed to return as a member of the Hells Angels.

Source: Thai Visa

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