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‘Heated tobacco’ products aren’t e-cigarettes

‘Heated tobacco’ products aren’t e-cigarettes

Tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris International (PMI) insists that its “heated tobacco” product is different from e-cigarettes.

Thai law prohibits e-cigarettes being sold here or brought in. A recent petition on sought a review of the ban and urged that the e-cigarette be reclassified a “controlled product”. Media reports have queried whether PMI’s heated-tobacco product is an e-cigarette.

Philip Morris (Thailand) managing director Gerald Margolis said on Friday that its product heats tobacco well below the point of combustion, rather than burning the tobacco. “This is different from e-cigarettes, which generate nicotine-containing aerosols by heating a liquid without using tobacco leaves,” he said in a press release. He added that many smokers find it difficult to quit, so it was “important” for them to have access to less harmful alternatives.

 In December 2016, PMI submitted a Modified Risk Tobacco Product application to the US Food and Drug Administration and it was accepted, triggering a scientific review at the agency’s Centre for Tobacco Products.

Britain’s Committee on Toxicity recently issued a press release describing the core findings of a review on heated tobacco products. It concluded that, while still harmful to health, heated-tobacco products are likely to be less risky than smoking conventional cigarettes. “Our vision on ‘designing a smoke-free future’ is to replace cigarettes with non-combustible products as soon as possible,” Margolis said.   Source: Asia Nation

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